Monday, 11 October 2010

Nailed It

For a few weeks now, I've been total back into painting my nails and making pretty patterns. It's great when you spend as much time on the computer as me, because right now I have lime green nails with red tips like a french manicure ate a packet of skittles, and whilst I type I see lovely little flashes of green and red.

For some, decorating your nails in crazy colours is a kiddy thing to do, but just look at this months Marie Claire magazine and theres a whole spread dedicated to nails on the runway, with designers drawing letters and having huge, jewel encrusted nails. Whilst I don't propose these for every day, there's a not to be said for having nice nails; after your face, your hands are the most looked at part of your body.

Here's a few more 'wearable' styles for inspiration. Also, Claire's Accessories in the UK has a pack of 3 mini nail art polishes with the fine brush for £4 and they're fabulous.

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