Monday, 18 January 2010

Abz Urban - Urban Decay, White Rose Centre, Leeds

Abz did a couple of days training with me last year, and his work is BEAUTIFUL. He works in Debenhams for Urban Decay, and they offer make-overs, consultations and loads of awesome help.

He's a SUPER talented guy.

Tel:  01132 055045
Based in the White Rose Centre, Leeds, so for any readers who are around that area, get in touch with him, if not, the rest of you can enjoy pictures.

Or visit his facebook page.


  1. Amazing! Will give him a call, as i am getting married this year!

  2. very unnatural looking male and something horribly freaky looking. I hope he finds the truth

  3. abz is a very very handsome looking him,... n the makeup just enhances his beauty, muwhaa..
    n honey u need to get out more... buy some makeup or sumat lol

  4. I agree with Irum. I have known Abz for a little while now and he's a really nice person with a big heart. To judge someone based on the way they look shows an utter lack of intelligence and education. Get to know him and you'll be charmed. And 'Anonymous', I suppose you look like Jennifer Lopez ya self right?! Daft twat. Sort your head out.