Thursday, 28 January 2010

Loss of Data.

So, the death of my other laptop means Ive backed up my collection of photos from my work laptop... however. This now means I don't have all my notes on the photograph. ie. Model/MUA/Photographer, which is HIGHLY frustrating as well as unfair to use images without giving credit.

I'm going to make a point of going back over my images and trying to find relevant details for each one, until then, if anyone has a problem with any of the images, an images posted belongs to you to you or features your work and you would like it removed or you have the details for me to post and save, please email me at  with all the relevant info, and I will see to it accordingly.

So sorry about this, I always like to give credit where due, and with around a thousand images saved, and no notes, I'm a very aggravated little bunny this morning. I will aim to get the relevant credits in place, and back up my notes asap.

Thanks for your understanding on this!

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