Monday, 21 December 2009


 I know many of you probably already know who Viktoria Modesta is. She's a famous, stunning model, well known for the fact she is an amputee.

I just love her, her style and her eyebrows. Check her out on myspace, and here's a few of my fave Viktoria Make-Up Pics.

Quirky and Pretty, the plain make-up means the lashes make just enough statement without overpowering.

Dramatic, and works amazingly in B&W.

Plain but oh-so-PRETTY! Her eyebrows and the simple liner, excellent conouring and it just works!

Super hot and glam. I love the red lips and ott blush.

Finally a simple, pretty look made more glam with big, black lashes.

Someone lend me this girls face!

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